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About Us

Buddha Vikas Samiti

BDPS is a reputed and trusted name in field of education since 1992 under the aegis of Buddha
Vikas Samiti. This trust is working tirelessly from last three decades in providing quality education
to young generation. Trust has always believed in the philosophy of playing an important role
in becoming a catalyst in the process of nation-building and a stepping-stone in the path of the
transformation of society.
Since its inception, the trust has striven hard to build institutions of eminence. The array of
institutes includes centers of primary to higher and secondary education and Teachers training
College. Our institutions has earned a reputation of nurturing students talents and nourishing their
ambitions of carving a life of their own dreams. Sustained demand for admissions, leading to high quality
of student intake. Our Institutions have earned the distinction of becoming landmarks by
themselves. It would not an exaggeration to state that Buddha colony in Patna is known by the
name of BDPS.
Patna with its changing outlook is soon becoming the quality academic educational hub of
the state. Institutions of Buddha Vikas Samiti Trust are playing its own significant role in the
empowerment of state.