B.D. Public School, Shivala, Patna

News:B.D. Public School, Shivala Appoints a Dynamic and Visionary Principal.

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We welcome students to an enriching and joyful learning experience. The Admission Procedure is
completely transparent, and has been designed to ensure a suitable fit between what the parents and
children expect from the School, and what the School in turn can offer to them. Right now we are only
open for admissions for classes Nursery to VIII.

About School

After successfully running multiple institutions, with experience of more than thirty years, BDPS-Shivala is our new flagship project of Buddha Vikas Samiti. BDPS-Shivala is co-educational school, offering Day Scholastic programmes.

Welcome Address By Our Founder Director

Dear Parents,
I extend a very warm welcome with our prospectus, which is designed to give
you a realistic sneak peek into the BDPS, Shivala.
Experience over the 30 years in field of education is our brand value and it
places us at the pedagogical convergence of the global as well as local. The

core values of ‘Leading through Innovation’, ‘Pursuing Excellence’, ‘Growing
by Learning’ and ‘Global Citizenship’ are imparted here by personnel who
are handpicked and trained in the best educational practices worldwide. The
search for a complete schooling experience in Bihar surely lead you to BDPS.
A sprawling campus minutes away from the urban bustle and hassles greets
your child at BDPS Shivala, providing a world of perfect balance in all
curricular and co curricular needs with vivacity of life on the greens, in an
Eco-friendly ambiance. Our USP is the skilled blend of academics, aided by
the most modern interactive props at all levels, with sports, physical activity,
performing arts, specially designed various clubs and splendid learning in a secure co-educational environment.

Shibin V S Principal B.D. Public School, Shivala-Patna



Welcome to B.D. Public School, Shivala, Patna, a renowned organization under the aegis of Buddha Vikas Samiti. Nestled amidst the tranquil environs of Shivala, our school serves as a beacon of knowledge and growth for aspiring students. As a coeducational establishment, we are committed to fostering the holistic development of every child who graces our halls. Our sprawling campus, adorned with state-of-the-art infrastructure, provides a conducive environment for academic exploration and personal enrichment.

At B.D. Public School, Shivala, we believe in nurturing young minds into strong pillars of society. Through a blend of holistic education and academic excellence… Read Principal Message

Our Vision

Pursuit of excellence, experiential learning dedicated commitment towards quality education with an
Indian Orientation. Founded and managed by distinguished members of society, culted from various
walks of life, the school trod on the path of progress with their visionary approach and lofty ideas. The
school provides best possible infrastructure and facilities for better education to the children without
undue burden of parents. The exalted aim is to produce ideal members of society, ideal students
with competent and balanced personality. To make our students well-rounded and self-dependent
individuals, by inculcating in them a passion for life-long learning, compassion and respect for others
and a set of requisite skills and qualities so that they can make a positive contribution to society.

Mission Statement

BDPS is dedicated to its mission of providing its students with a holistic education, imparted by caring
and dedicated faculty members in a contemporary learning environment, by focusing on developing
the cognitive, emotional, social, physical, creative and spiritual potential of every child. Students at
BDPS learn to recognize and respect their natural abilities, and school nurture them to reach their
maximum potential through hard work and determination. Our aim in the school is to help a child
realize his own unique potential. An education which aims at the empowering of the child’s physical,
emotional, mental and social personality. It is the progressive widening of consciousness which helps
the children to manifest their life,leading to an increasing satisfaction and success in individual living
as also collective living, socially, nationally and globally. Our endeavour is to impart education, which
looks beyond the frontiers of boundaries and a preparation for lifelong learning.

The School Motto

The School’s motto is ‘तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय’ may the light of knowledge remove the darkness of ignorance.
This encourages us to let go of all kind of ignorance that blocks our vision for life and precludes us
from seeing the truth and reside in a state of knowing and understanding.

The School Emblem

The School’s Emblem exemplifies the School’s vision, mission and motto. The design consists a
blooming lotus flower and a rising sun which are surrounded by tricolour frame, along with the BDPS
motto written in Devanagari. They are presented in best possible graphical simplicity to maintain
their essence and long lasting recall. The lotus flower denotes the purity, resilience, strength and
blooming out of darkness. Every child is a budding flower and education make them blossom at their
fullest. Rising sun denotes the light, energy and power education brings to a child’s life. With this the
tricolour holds the ethos of nationalism. On the surface, every child entering the School might appear
similar, but our focus is on identifying and nurturing the uniqueness of every individual, Students
are encouraged to discover their strengths, talents, interests and passion – all the elements that come together to develop their individuality. Every child at BDPS explore the various facets of his/her inner potential to the fullest.

Holistic Learning at BDPS

BDPS offers a comprehensive learning programme that extends far beyond the confines of a classroom. Students have countless opportunities to assimilate knowledge, discover hidden talents, follow dreams and grow into well-rounded individuals. Through different facets of scholastic programmes, a range of skills, attributes and values are built and nurtured in the students, to ensure their holistic development.
Every activity, both inside and outside the classroom, at BDPS contributes towards the learning
process in different, but equally meaningful ways. Children are strongly encouraged to participate in
every aspect of school-life and receive support and guidance from experienced faculty members at
all times.

We welcome students to an enriching and joyful learning experience. The Admission Procedure is completely transparent, and has been designed to ensure a suitable fit between what the parents and children expect from the School, and what the School in turn can offer to them. Right now we are only open for admissions for classes nursery to five.

Inside the Classroom

  • Every child receives the personal attention that he/she deserves and needs.
  • A broad range of curricular areas are taught to provide children with sufficient flexibility when
      choosing their area of interest.
  • Special emphasis is placed on learning by doing.
  • Focus on speaking and communication skills by time tested techniques.
  • Exposures to national and international issues to increase students awareness.
     Innovative problem-solving techniques, questioning, and active participation in discussions are
    strongly encouraged to build curiosity and confidence.
  • Unique teaching methods are used to make learning a fun, interactive and engaging process.
  • A practical, or project-based approach to learning complements traditional and theoretical forms
    of knowledge building.
  • Teachers are approachable and friendly, forming a parent-like association with every child. They
    encourage children to think, question and freely express themselves during lessons.

Outside the Classroom

  • Yoga, Meditation and Prayer form an integral part of the school curriculum so that students have
    a calm and unburdened mind.
  • A mandatory co-curricular programme ensures that children step out of their comfort zones and
    endeavour to learn new skills.
  • Celebrations of cultural festivals and historic occasions, both national and international, foster a
    spirit of togetherness amongst children.
  • Inter-house and school-wide events are organized to inculcate a spirit of loyalty and healthy
    competition in the children and to showcase their talents.
  • Eminent guests/personalities frequently visit the campus to hold meaningful interactions with students.
  • Children are encouraged to initiate and manage student-run Clubs to bring together those with
    similar interests across academics, sports, arts and other areas.
  • Excursions, field trips and off-campus activities are organized frequently to explore varied areas
    of interest.

Circle Time

Circle Time is a social activity that encourages informal yet meaningful discussions in class, allowing students to exchange thoughts and learn from one another. The circle formation in which they sit ensures that each student can see all other members of their class. We believe that it raises their self-worth while encouraging them to be more open and trusting. With all other scholastic and co-scholastic engagements, we realise that emotional and social growth is primary parameter for development of any child. Circle time is a unique feature of our curriculum, specially designed for experimental way of learning by method of sharing experiences, moral and social learning, inculcating value addition child’s life, caring for your loved ones and your surroundings and adding a much needed happy quotient to one’s life.